About BAC Engineering

BAC Engineering is a one-man consulting firm founded by Bruce Christie, providing design, engineering, and other support services for companies and individuals developing products.  Support services range from technical writing and patent consulting through project management and vendor liaison.  See the Services page for more details.

BAC Engineering works with clients ranging from solo inventors to Fortune 500 companies to help develop designs, technologies, processes, and documentation necessary to bring their products to market.  While many services can be provided directly, there is also an extensive network of colleagues who can provide deep expertise in fields such as industrial design, optics, electronics, software, and chemistry as needed.  My partners include a stable of companies offering products and services needed in product development and manufacturing.  I can serve as contractor for such services or just provide recommendations.

How we work

It all starts with a discussion.  You can call me with just an idea to see if there’s a product to be made from it.  Maybe you have made one in your garage, but need to scale up for sales.  Maybe you have a new technology looking for an application, or a need for which you can’t find a technology.  No matter how you come to the table, I’ll quickly tell you whether I can help, and if so, what the project to accomplish your goal might look like.

My work is typically organized in projects, for which I prepare proposals and plans.  Unless the research required is significant, the proposal is free.  I can prepare a detailed project schedule to track progress and provide budget estimates and detailed billing reports so that clients can see what they’re paying for.

About Bruce

I’m an engineer and manager with 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products, from medical implants to consumer electronics. 

The majority of my experience has been in medical devices.  This covers a wide range of products from permanent implants (intraocular lenses) to diagnostic systems (Stat K) to surgical equipment (MicroTap).  See the Portfolio page for more details.  Notwithstanding this emphasis, the skills I have acquired are applicable to a wide variety of non-medical products, and the rigor of working in a heavily regulated industry means that I focus on doing the right things in the right way, and can show documentation to support it.

My career started with engineering and management positions at various medical and design firms, and evolved into start-up executive and consulting roles.  I now provide services through BAC Engineering in northern California.

Let's get started...

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