Here are some examples of products and projects I’ve done over the years.  Chances are, something here looks like your project.  If not, there are lots of other things I’ve designed not shown.  If your idea is entirely novel, that’s great – most of the projects shown here represent the leading edge technologies of their field.

Clearsight IOL

An IOL designed to prevent PCO (posterior capsule opacification), a common complication following cataract surgery, by incorporating a proprietary surface micro-texture and modified shape.

Atia IOL & Injector

An accommodating IOL and surgical inserter.  The IOL provides excellent optical quality over a wide range of viewing distances without haloes or glare.  The inserter is a single-use device designed to introduce the bulky IOL through a small incision.


A Point of Care blood potassium meter, encompassing a handheld battery-powered meter and a calibrated disposable sensor.

Components included injection molded plastic parts (including tiny doped PVC electrodes), a heavily shielded amplifier, StrongArm-based controller, custom LCD display, packaging, labeling, and IFU


A brain surgery instrument with a microwave-emitting probe used for ablating deep brain tumors. 

Components included a plastic housing, sheet metal electronics cage, PCBs, LCD display, a single-board PC, a magnetron and high-power cabling connections, extensive shielding and isolation, and a custom cart.  The user interface incorporated a color touchscreen, memory card, and indicator lights in the handpiece.


A centrifuge system to automatically separate the “buffy coat” from whole blood in 30 minutes.  The blood would be drawn upon arriving at the OR, and the red cells and plasma would be returned to the patient before leaving the OR.  The platelet-containing buffy coat was used in preparing a hydroxy apatite chip mortar used to fill bone voids. 

Components included a microcontroller, a one-line / six-button UI, high-speed bowl centrifuge, a volume-measuring plasma chamber, multiple peristaltic pumps, pinch valves, sensors, and a pre-assembled sterile circuit with easy loading.


Electronic packaging and user interface design (including the software) for a new multipurpose critical-care ventilator.  You’ve seen this ventilator on TV because it looks so cool.

Components of the industrial design included a knob, switches and the touchscreen, steel tubes, sheet metal, pressure-formed panels, injection-molded parts, and investment castings.


Development of a handpiece and mechanism for a catheter intended for delivery of multiple dosed injections into the ventricle wall.  The plan was to deliver vascular growth factors or viral plasmids to stimulate blood vessel growth.  This required spring-loaded needle extension and settable dose mechanisms that could be used up to 20 times in a procedure. 

Components included injection molded plastic parts, springs, syringe vials, packaging and labeling

Heart Core

A handpiece design for a cardiac surgical instrument.  It was intended to bore a thin hole in the ventricle wall and extract the “drill core”.  The thinking was that these holes would perfuse ischemic muscle.  The device included a “viewing chamber” so that the surgeon could observe the cores removed.

Components included a small PCB with button & sensor, an ultrasonically-welded body, and TPR strain reliefs


An internet-connected radio in two configurations, as a table top with small speakers and as a hi-fi component.

The emphasis of the project was on catching the wave of emerging content with a device to leverage subscriptions as a source of revenue. 

Components included a SBC, CD drive, LCD display, AM/FM radio, and an IR remote.  The enclosures incorporated sheet metal, injection-molded parts, and plywood (speakers). 


Electronic packaging for a security portal meant to detect RFID tags on employee badges and embedded in laptops and cell phones. 

Components included fiberglass extrusions, injection molded and thermoformed and machined plastic parts for a fully non-metallic construction.

Memory Book

A solid state data vault for photos with a viewing capability, targeted at professional photographers.  The intent was to capitalize on the client’s flash memory technology to keep cost and battery consumption low.

Components included PCBs, LCD display, SBC, and an injection-molded plastic enclosure.


The project was for a handle redesign for a bidirectional electrophysiology catheter.  The emphasis was on ergonomics, especially in the design of the main grip and the thumb ring.  Many of the features were designed for ease of assembly including a logo plate that doubled as a snap-in assembly pin and a connector retainer that snapped into the body, resulting in a no-screw, no-glue, no welding handpiece assembly. 

Components included a textured, sculped TPR main grip, with internal gear and racks, snaps, caps, and body molded in Acetal

Ibis Package

The project was a proposal for a new packaging scheme for a line of dental implants, with considerations for automated package assembly.

The emphasis of the project was on improving the functionality of the package design and labeling, providing shelf-keeping systems to organize the numerous components, and allowing for labor reductions in packaging. 

Components included molded and thermoformed parts, seals and sterile barriers, labels and IFUs

KAMRA corneal inlay for presbyopia

A tiny implant inserted in the cornea to treat presbyopia (loss of near vision with aging).  The project included all packaging and labeling, plus the ISO and FDA approvals.

IC-8 small-aperture IOL

Similar to the KAMRA inlay, the IC-8 IOL provides both distance and near vision, but for older patients with cataracts.

Surgical hand tools

A wide variety of forceps, markers, spatulae, etc. used in surgery (one example shown)

Testing equipment

Equipment for testing electrical properties of cardiac ablation catheters used to treat arrhythmias (one example shown).

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